5 Poetry Forms You’ve Never Heard of, But You Should Try

I love to learn and I love to write so this page is a must have for me! Tanagas, Villanelles and Clarihews oh my!!


Family Reunion

They (writers and those who teach writing) say that one should write what one knows. Well I know Saturday morning cartoons, summer baseball in the street, Suburban angst, 90s Mtv, middle child syndrome and the love, struggle, and passion of the Southern black family.  While I enjoy writing in rhyme, I realize that some things just cannot be said in a sing song iambic pentameter so I venture back to the free verse I abandoned so casually in my youth.  I guess I just love words, and the way they sound, and feel rolling around in my head, then my mouth. I love the way they spill out onto my page , sometimes a jumbled mess of a puzzle that needs slow sorting. Writing allows you to take every experience,  no matter how insignificant or painful, and count it meaningful and is there any thing more meaningful AND painful than family??  ( lol)



Family Reunion

Well let me tell you

about fried chicken,

mama’s buttermilk,

and the moon last night.

Girls in white dresses

swayed to the blues.

Too bothered to dance.

Too hot to sleep.

Obama wobbled

on popsicle sticks,

the heat-

a closed oven door

summer smells,

   slow steps,

      slip on shoes,

         soda sips,

            soft stews,

and lemonade

ain’t supposed to be sweet.

Thank you, Tara Lazar

Josh Funk Books

The 7th annual Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo) came to a close yesterday and I’d like to congratulate everyone who took part in the challenge.

I’d also like to thank Tara Lazar, the PiBoIdMo founder and organizer. For those who don’t know, Tara spends countless hours each summer and fall lining up guest posts, contacting agents for prizes, organizing a Cafe Press store (where she donates all proceeds to Reading Is Fundamental – RIF), moderating registration, managing the PiBoIdMo Facebook Group, sorting out and awarding prizes, and probably a dozen more things I don’t even know about.

She does this all for us. PiBoIdMo is completely free. For everyone.

And while all of this work does give Tara’s books some exposure, that exposure doesn’t count for much unless we, the PiBoIdMo participants, take action.

So this holiday season, I encourage everyone to purchase at least one (or…

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Sweet Inspiration and Macon Millie

I’ve got to say I really do love writing… WHEN it’s flowing. We writers spend much time in front of blank pages and blank screens and if either remains blank for too long we begin to loathe our chosen hobby/career/form of expression. This is why inspiration and muses are important for the writer. We must have constant stimulation or at least a bank of memorable live experiences to draw from. I find my inspiration in a myriad of ways, from watching television with my nephew to just looking out a window in a new place.  On a recent vacation back to Macon, GA, the hometown of my parents, I wrote this….

Macon Millie

Macon Millie’s makin beans

with ham hock juice and collard greens

“Don’t touch that ham” she always screams

cause Millie’s best at makin scenes

then grabs her hip to make a show

and waves her hand to let them know

“Go on, now shoo, go to the sto’,

and wash your hands, be back by Fo’ ”

then uncle says, all hot and red

“Ya’ll heard what Macon Millie said”

he licks his lips and cocks his head

and takes a whiff of griddle bread

sweet odors of the candied yams

the juices of the honey hams,

the okra makes his eyes grow fatter

string beans make his jaw line chatter

vittles crackle, pop, and hiss

but this cook isn’t one to kiss,

reach for a taste and get a fist

she may be short , but she won’t miss

as neighbors scramble for a seat

they quickly wilt in all the heat

go open up those window screens

cause Macon Millie’s makin beansfamily_cooking_gravy_caro_article-small_23522